Creating A Global Communication Strategy with Champions of UNICEF’s P²D (Personal Times Professional Development Program)


P²D (Personal x Professional Development) is the United Nations Children’s Fund’s staff-created non-traditional career development program. It is delivered in the form of two and three-day workshops, with tools and support in place by the organization to support staff’s ongoing development. Its purpose is “to create a self-reliant UNICEF workforce by empowering staff members to realize their potential, and to manage their own careers…This, in turn, provides a sustainable, competitive advantage in the delivery of results for the children of the world” (P²D).

A P²D unit in New York Headquarters (NYHQ) coordinates the program, but it is actually delivered by volunteer “Champion” facilitators. The system of delivery is decentralized and events are autonomous, therefore many events go unrecorded resulting in a loss of programmatic memory, as well as a lack of communication, system reporting and accountability.

This inquiry asks the following question: What is the most effective way to communicate with Champions about UNICEF’s P²D? The research methods included are a survey and secondary source materials such as case studies, guides, and other scholarly research. Data findings will be applied by the P²D unit in NYHQ in facilitating the creation of a global communications strategy with P²D Champions. While a more in-depth analysis of the survey results in regards to cultural preferences proved to be challenging, the survey yielded useful and practical results and recommendations.


Human Resources Management | Teacher Education and Professional Development

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