Up North, Down South: Natural Resource Management in Australia and New Zealand


For my practicum, I designed and helped implement a new study abroad program for The School for Field Studies (SFS), a non-profit third-party provider organization. SFS offers research-based summer and semester programs to high school and college students at five field stations, located in Kenya, Baja, Mexico, Turks and Caicos, Australia, and Costa Rica, providing students the “experience of a lifetime” while also helping to address regional environmental issues through experiential learning.

Over the past year, I assisted in developing a new program, building on an existing summer program in Australia and adding a two-country theme in the form of a New Zealand component. For the first time, SFS students have the opportunity to contrast and compare natural resource management in two unique areas.

My position as Admissions Counselor for SFS was expanded as the organization invited me to help design and implement this new two-country program. So not only did I help design and market this innovative new program, I was been able to interview and admit the actual students’ choosing to participate. In addition, I was selected to be the Student Affairs Manager and accompany the students to Australia and New Zealand. It is my goal to present this experience in the context of fulfilling my practicum at The School for Field Studies which has proved to be a powerful and a mutually beneficial learning experience.


International and Comparative Education

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