An Assessment of Internationalization as Perceived by Faculty Members at Virginia Wesleyan College


Internationalization is not just the issue of Virginia Wesleyan College (VWC) but of many U.S. and even other national higher educational systems around the world today. The internationalization of U.S. higher education caught the attention of many scholars, practitioners and other administrators of colleges and universities; however, there still is not yet a clear and specific consensus of standards to be applied in the internationalization of higher education, and the concept “internationalization” remains difficult to define. This research project assesses VWC faculty members’ perceptions on internationalizing the educational experience at VWC through the role of educators. The study explores the current level of knowledge and experience of international education, international scholarship and the needs of faculty members in their efforts to make themselves more international.

The result articulated the faculty perceptions on international education, an ideal form of international scholars at VWC, and the needs of faculty members in further achieving it. The study should initiate discussions of what and how VWC, as well as its faculty members, can further internationalize its educational experience. People are one of the most important aspects for the changing process or progress, and the research of internationalization calls for more attention to the reflections of faculty members. The study has the potential to make an impact and direct the way for the institution. The study contributes different discussion possibilities related to the whole institutional change toward internationalization from a scholarship perspective.


International and Comparative Education

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