This Capstone Paper poses the question, “How do cultural values and orientations shape and affect recruitment and selection of personnel in Brazil and in the United States?” This study takes a comparative perspective and emphasizes the importance of examining the influence of national culture on human resources management. The research takes into account previous works on the dimensions of cultural variability and work-related attitudes as well as cross-cultural and comparative studies on this topic. Several ideas from current literature on recruitment and selection of personnel and international organizational behavior also provide a great resource for this study. Thirty Brazilian and US American executives working for manufacturing industries were interviewed. The responses received from the interviews led to the conclusion that the cultural differences between the two societies seemed to explain, to a great extent, the variations encountered in recruitment and selection practices of Brazil and the United States. Results of this study indicate the difficulties involved in applying foreign HR due to the legal implications associated with them. This study offers suggestions and recommendations for potential uses of the findings of this research.