How can Participatory Research Methods be used to increase Effective Communication in NGO’s?


This paper explores how Participatory Research methods were used to attempt to increase effective communication in an NGO. It explores how various Participatory Research methodologies and techniques (and compatible qualitative research methods) can be utilized to promote effective communication in organizations. It also looks at what institutional obstacles these methodologies and techniques may help to uncover. It discusses how the methods and techniques used during the entire Participatory Research Process can contribute to an increase in effective organizational communication. It discusses in detail the various participatory discussions and evaluations that took place in order to attempt to foster effective communication within this organization.

The paper then examines what the Feedback says about the obstacles to effective communication as described by the stakeholders in this organization. It also attempts to identify the elements that are conducive to effective communication within the organization through the analysis of the feedback. Lastly, it looks at whether the methodology used contributed to an increase in effective communication in this organization and how.

It then explores any possible generalizations that can be made about what is needed for effective communication to take place in organizations. Additionally, the paper looks at the practical applicability of the findings and recommendations for further research on the topic of the use of Participatory Research methods in organizational evaluations in order to improve effective communication in organizations.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Communication

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