Study Abroad and Education Majors: A Vital Connection


Study abroad is a viable means of achieving global competencies that will help future teachers successfully educate our nation’s children. This study presents results from a survey involving undergraduate and post-baccalaureate Education majors from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Undergraduate and post-baccalaureate Education majors were asked to complete a survey regarding the extent to which they were interested in and encouraged to study abroad. Additionally, the survey asked them about the problems that may have prevented them from studying abroad and their perception of how international and intercultural experiences could affect the way they teach. Data analysis revealed that many students are not encouraged to study abroad by their families, the Education Department, the university, or their professors/advisors. Education majors also believe that study abroad is too expensive and credits are difficult to transfer. A review of documents revealed that international and intercultural experience is critical to educating for a global society. Analysis of the survey and relevant documents were integrated to reach conclusions regarding what needs to be accomplished at UNC Charlotte in order to help more Education majors study abroad.


International and Comparative Education

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