This capstone addresses the challenges that mothers face in the corporate environment. I have chosen Cendant Mobility Intercultural Services as my practicum location as well as the locale for my research for my Capstone. I chose to do qualitative research, in an ethnographical framework, based on my own experiences as a mother in this particular environment. I have seen from my short time here that there are issues that need to be addressed, and thought that perhaps my experience with challenges and the difficulties of assumptions of others might be more universal than I expected. The use of questionnaires has been my data collection method. I have decided upon snowball sampling as a way of employees recommending other mothers who would like to participate in the research. The question that I have dealt with through the research: "What are the challenges that mothers of young children in the corporate environment face?" Sub questions include: 1) Is the company culture inclusive in relation to mothers? 2) What levels do we find working mothers at in the company? 3) In what ways could the corporation encourage more use of talent and work-life balance for working mothers? Findings will be shared with the director of Human Resources of the company selected, as well as my coworkers there, once the project is finished. Considering that the majority of the company is female, and because I am looking at an equity issue within the company, I believe it will have a great deal of relevance. I am presenting my data through description of the issues, the use of graphs, and other visual tools to clarify and make my findings easy to understand.