Culturally Specific HIV/AIDS Education Programs


Since the mid 1980’s the American Red Cross has conducted education sessions for the general public on how to prevent the spread of HIV infections. These education sessions helped to create two culturally specific training programs appropriate to the two highest affected cultural groups.

The topic of culturally specific HIV/AIDS education is a timely one. At a time when 2/3rds of all new infections affect only two cultural groups, Hispanics and African Americans, there is a need to further the education levels and prevention techniques within these cultures.

The question considered in this paper is: Does the American Red Cross have an appropriate model for culturally specific HIV/AIDS education training?

This questions is answered through a series of literature reviews using current health education agency reports, books, notes from distinguished professors in the field of HIV/AIDS education and the resources provided by the American Red Cross.

Based upon information covered in programs and resources developed by the American Red Cross the conclusions set forth are that the American Red Cross does have a suitable model for culturally specific training programs.


International and Intercultural Communication | Public Health Education and Promotion

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