Russian Entrepreneurs in the USA: Community Connections Program’s Effect on Social and Economic Values of the Participants


This study identifies and describes effects of the State Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ Community Connections Program on the economic and social values Russian entrepreneurs’ and what aspect of the program is most effective for the transfer of those values? Further, the study identifies a rationale for the most efficient way to run the program. The Georgia Council for International Visitors was used as a case study. The participants were 20 Russian entrepreneurs with the average age being 33. They were selected through competition based on language skills, business experience, and willingness to apply new knowledge upon their return to Russia. The entrepreneurs were educated members of Russian society with travel abroad experience. All participants completed questionnaires and assignments before, during, and at the end of their visit to the US. The questionnaires were made up of about 130 open-ended, scaled, and yes-no questions about the program.

The study concluded that:

• The program positively effected the entrepreneurs’ attitude and motivation,

• Concentration on cross-cultural similarities is an effective way to absorb and sustain new knowledge,

• The program’s approach led to a cultural reversal effect in the participants.


Growth and Development | International and Intercultural Communication

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