Managers’ Perceptions of the Globalization of Cendant Mobility and of the Development of the Global Mindset of its Employees


This paper provides an exploration of the perceptions that Cendant Mobility managers have regarding the globalization of the company and of the development of the global mindset of its employees. Research methods include interviews of nineteen managers working in different capacities in the company within the domestic and the international divisions of Cendant Mobility as well as a review of the Cendant Mobility literature. The interview results provide an overview of how Cendant Mobility is developing as a global company; and the approaches used by the company to develop the global mindset of its employees. In the data analysis and the discussion, the survey results and the literature are compared to make a contrast between the theory and what is actually in process at Cendant Mobility. The paper suggests that the development of the global mindset of the employees could be leveraged if a more structured or planned approach was taken. The paper concludes that Cendant Mobility is already taking active steps to become global as a company and is starting to take more initiatives to globalize the employee’s mindsets although strategic planning could further leverage this. It would be beneficial to Cendant Mobility to analyze various options and possibilities and decide on a global strategy in order to further develop the global mindset of its employees and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that exists within the company. The information and conclusions should be of use to any professionals interested in the expansion of global companies as well as in the development of the global mindset of their employees. Further suggestions for research in the area of globalization are also provided.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | International and Comparative Education

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