Fostering Multicultural Competence and Global Justice: an SIT Symposium

Fostering Multicultural Competence and Global Justice: an SIT Symposium



SIT programs challenge students to see the world in fundamentally different ways and prepare them to engage with the world through innovative, collaborative, and socially responsible means across multicultural contexts. This symposium brings together academics and practitioners from SIT Study Abroad, the SIT Graduate Institute, the International Honors Program, and World Learning to exchange ideas and program experience related to education and capacity building, with a focus on issues of global justice.


Multicultural competence and global justice can be viewed through many lenses and understood in relation to multiple issues. These include: health, identity, natural resource management, biodiversity and environmental policy, language teaching, post-conflict transformation, social movements, education and human rights, sustainable development, as well as art and social change. The symposium will include keynote addresses, presentations, and panel discussions by leading thinkers in the international education and development fields. Speakers and participants will explore issues related to pedagogy and practice; advocacy; people and culture, among others within the context of multicultural competence and global justice.


The symposium took place on the SIT campus in Brattleboro, Vermont from August 9th through the 11th, 2010. View the schedule at a glance or view the full program


Keynote Speeches
Conflict, Memory, and Reconciliation
Practice & Pedagogy of International Education
Environment & Sustainable Development
Global Health Policy & Practice
Peoples & Cultures