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Emory University

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Fall 2015


This study seeks to understand the major mental health concerns experienced by pregnant women and recent mothers in rural villages in Maharashtra and how these concerns are impacted by different elements of holistic antenatal and postnatal care. The risk factors that may lead to poor maternal mental health are strongly tied to social factors and vary from community to community. Unfortunately, in most developing countries mental health takes a back seat to other health issues deemed more pressing. This is especially true for female specific illnesses, given that the overall health of women and girl children is often neglected. The Village Health Workers at the Comprehensive Rural Health Project - Jamkhed, Maharashtra over see a variety of types of antenatal and postnatal care in order to mitigate the risk factors that can lead to Maternal Depression. This study investigates not only the intended, overt consequences of this care but also its unintentional impact on Maternal Mental Health. Through interviews with community members, health professionals, and Village Health Workers this study illustrates the complexities of Maternal Depression, its risk factors, and how it is perceived by the communities in which its consequences are most severely experienced.


Community Health | Health Services Research | Mental and Social Health


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