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Wellesley College

Publication Date

Spring 2011

Program Name

Jordan: Modernization and Social Change


Mental illness is a serious health concern often neglected in healthcare schemes in countries around the world. This study surveyed the mental healthcare system in Jordan through interviews with a former student, an academic, a public and private practitioner, a representative of the WHO, and a representative of the Jordanian Ministry of Health (MoH) and a survey among students of the University of Jordan in order to describe the system in Jordan and discover common perspectives toward the system. Results show that the system is in need of increased access to mental healthcare, decreased stigma regarding mental illness, and increased options in treatment. The MoH’s current initiative to integrate mental healthcare into primary healthcare is supported, but it is also suggested that significant education initiatives take place to lesson stigma and increase the number of trained professionals in Jordan.


Mental and Social Health | Psychiatric and Mental Health | Public Health