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University of Denver

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Spring 2011

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Uganda: Microfinance and Entrepreneurship


The intention of this report was to explore the white water rafting industry on the Upper White Nile. Although the White Nile is widely considered one of the greatest stretches of white water in the world, there is little actually known about the industry itself. As a result the following research investigates the entrepreneurial nature of the rafting industry and its related adventure tourism activities. Additionally the research investigates the role of the soon to be finished Bujagali Hydroelectric Project and future dams to examine the impacts they are making on the local businesses and the community as a whole. Finally the role of the government in regulating and marketing these adventure tourism activities was also examined in this report. The bulk of the research came from the Bujagali Falls area of the Jinja district.

Research was conducted in a multitude of ways in order to gain a full understanding of the rafting industry on the White Nile. In addition the researcher participated in an internship with white water outfitter Nile River Explorers (NRE) to gain an intimate grasp of the industry from the outfitters perspective. Over the six week period the researcher interviewed business owners, managers, entrepreneurs, craft shop owners, and government officials to accomplish his objectives. This was done while also working different jobs for NRE.

Through this research a vast amount of information was gained on the nature of this industry. The rafting industry revealed its entrepreneurial nature through unique, unconventional business tactics. The impacts of the current and future dams are widespread throughout the entire industry and future impacts would stretch beyond the rafting industry having effects that would change the town of Jinja for a long time to come. Finally there was also a great deal learnt about the role the government plays in the adventure tourism industry in Jinja, basically none.


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Tourism | Tourism and Travel


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