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Washington University in St. Louis

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Spring 2011

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Argentina: Regional Integration, Development, and Social Change


In Villa 31, an urban shantytown in the heart of Buenos Aires, a team of technical professionals and community members are working together on a slum-upgrading project. Through a participatory approach, in which community members are involved in all aspects of the upgrading process, this project seeks to better overall conditions through infrastructural and structural improvements. This study investigates the participatory process used in the upgrading of Villa 31, and using theoretical best practices as a basis of comparison, underscores key achievements and limitations of the current project. Based on chosen shortcomings, the final section makes recommendations to maximize participatory potential in future slum upgrading projects in Buenos Aires.


Civic and Community Engagement | Family, Life Course, and Society | Inequality and Stratification | Infrastructure | Politics and Social Change | Social Welfare | Urban Studies and Planning


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