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Loyola University Chicago

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Spring 2011

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Oman: Political Culture and Economic Development in the Gulf


Oman’s manufacturing sector has shown promising growth during the past decades. This paper analyzes the role of the manufacturing and export sector in economic growth and development. Then, after analyzing government policy toward manufacturing in Oman, this paper uses research gathered from companies in Rusayl to determine the biggest problems currently facing manufacturing in Oman and the effectiveness of government policy toward the sector. Problems found included excessive bureaucracy, Omanization, and transport costs. These findings were then presented to the appropriate public institutions, with their reactions documented. Recommendations for change include streamlining government services, expediting the construction of the Gulf Railway, and implementing an innovative credit-based solution to Omanization.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Economic Policy | International Business | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation | Technology and Innovation | Work, Economy and Organizations


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