Home Institution

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Publication Date

Spring 2011

Program Name

Mexico: Sustainable Development and Social Change


Initially, I set out to grasp an understanding of CIdeCI and its methods of learning, to observe these spaces in order to contrast them with those of modern western education. However, my time there has been a process of rediscovering as well as redefining the practices and routines of life; a life through struggle, through resistance, through passion and creation. Beneath the surface I found a different existence in which they pick up the world to hold it otherwise, as to see it from a new perspective, moving it further down and towards the left. So the following paper does not fully answer these original intentions. Rather it is a medium from which the river narrows enough to catch a glimpse of the other side, where the waters calm hoping to embolden one to gather up the courage to cross. Though in order to give form to this project I contemplate four aspects of CIdeCI, that of structure and curriculum, culture and community, learning, and creativity. Lastly, I conclude by reflecting on this experience, the time I have spent within a unique context; to try and understand what this could convey on to others, those in the diverse parts of the world, living distant realities, suffering yet struggling with their own means, walking the various paths towards dignity.


Education | Educational Sociology | Family, Life Course, and Society | Inequality and Stratification | Latin American Studies