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Scripps College

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Spring 2011

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Spain: Language, Community, and Social Change


Through my community service project at Granada Insider, an English language tourist magazine, I was encouraged to research upcoming events that may give tourists a different perspective of Granada. As I compiled lists of activities in Granada, I was struck by the quantity of events that promoted consciousness about critical themes concerning gender, immigration, and social justice. At my home institution, I had been involved in various campus organizations that are concerned with social issues. My personal interest led me to investigate the role of the provincial government in raising consciousness in public locations. In my project, I establish the importance of using art and cultural events to influence citizens to recognize injustices in their community and take action. I attended several events in Granada, including a film series showcasing women directors in Afghanistan and a festival raising awareness on human rights. Many film screenings and lectures took place in public auditoriums in the Library of Andalucia and the Palacio de los Condes de Gabia, and I reflect on the accessibility of these spaces. Although the provincial government has been involved in planning and funding these events, community organizations still face many difficulties navigating the bureaucracy of the institution to plan events for the public. In order to continue a critical and constructive dialogue on social issues, the government must take initiative to connect with community organizations, publicize upcoming events, and support grassroots initiatives as much as possible. As a foreigner, I was deeply affected by the work artists, students, and community organizations have put in to spread awareness in their community. I hope that the passion I have witnessed here will continue to inspire me to create a more critically conscious and inclusive environment in my community.


Arts and Humanities | Civic and Community Engagement | Politics and Social Change | Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration


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