Publication Date

Fall 2011

Program Name

Mongolia: Geopolitics and the Environment


Environmental concerns are globally relevant, but in Mongolia they hold special importance. Not only does Mongolia contain an unusual amount of pristine wilderness, but Mongolian history and culture are also deeply rooted in a close bond with the land. Now, increased development and globalization are placing new pressures on environmental systems. In response to these pressures, Mongolians artists are joining a national (and global) conversation about the interactions between art, environment, cultural heritage, and activism.

This study explores the sources of inspiration and motivation for these artists. Through this research, I hope to bring to light the role of the arts in improving Mongolians’ relationship with the environment. At the same time, studying in a country that is facing rapid change due to globalization, I hope also to consider more deeply the delicate balances involved in international work towards sustainability and improved quality of life for all people.


Arts and Humanities | Environmental Health and Protection | Growth and Development | Natural Resources and Conservation