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University of Denver

Publication Date

Fall 2011

Program Name

Vietnam: Culture, Social Change and Development


Vietnam is at a critical stage in its development. If policy is properly managed the country’s future is incredibly bright as the middle class grows and standards of living continue to rise throughout the country. Agriculture will play a key role in future development as nearly 70 percent of the population participates directly in agricultural work. Each crop that is produced and exported in Vietnam will play a different and integral part in development as the face of agriculture changes with Vietnam’s increased global presence. This research looks specifically at tea production in Vietnam through the lens of agricultural development. Tea is not only a strong export in Vietnam, but it has incredibly strong historical and cultural ties to the country as well. This paper delves deeply into tea to examine where culture and globalization meet, and what the future looks like for tea in Vietnam. Recent ascension into the World Trade Organization places Vietnam in a great position for increased international trade with new partners, holding great potential for growth in the tea industry. As the industry grows, though, what happens to traditional culture as international influence plays an increasing role in Vietnamese life? This study 3 seeks to answer this question as well as provide a holistic view of where the tea industry has come from and what the future may hold.


Agriculture | Growth and Development