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Middlebury College

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Fall 2011

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Nepal: Development and Social Change


This study is an in depth examination of the dynamics behind the Nepali Pashmina industry. Since its boom in 2000, Nepal’s once-number-one industry has faced a stagnant lull. Driven by the Nepali Pashmina Industries Association (NPIA), the industry continues to strive to overcome obstacles posed by the vagaries of globalization and changing economies worldwide. Considering the insurmountable level of capital required for the industry’s necessary industrial development to become a key competitor, perhaps, as a leading export industry, pashmina is no longer viable. This research concludes that as long as high-quality genuine Pashmina continues to be in demand, Nepali Pashmina will continue to have strong potential as a favorable part of Nepal’s export economy. Notwithstanding, in order to become more profitable, the domestic industry must be more competitive with the larger manufacturing actors in the international market for Pashmina.


Economics | Growth and Development


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