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Tufts University

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Fall 2011

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Kenya: Health and Community Development


Autism is a widely misunderstood developmental disability that is generally diagnosed in early childhood and has been the recent subject of much media and medical attention in developed nations worldwide. While there has been a noted improvement in diagnostic and therapeutic options for children and their families in developing nations, the attention placed on disability, particularly on autism, is considered underdeveloped and inadequate. This paper will attempt to address the current framework surrounding autism in the area of Nairobi, Kenya and discuss the social attitudes, diagnostic practices, educational opportunities, and government intervention programs available in the area. Given the lack of current research on autism in Kenya, this study was designed to enter the field of autism and break the pattern of a lack of attention and importance placed on those facing autism in Kenya.


Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment | Family, Life Course, and Society | Health Policy | Inequality and Stratification | Other Mental and Social Health


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