Sientes la Pista - Hip-Hop and Hopes of Q'omer Llajta/Hip Hop K'Ayma

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Northwestern University

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Fall 2011

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Bolivia: Multiculturalism, Globalization, and Social Change


I spent a month with five teens from Cochabamba, Bolivia, who live in the youth home 'Tiquipaya Wasi', and make music with the NGO Performing Life ( When asked about the lyrics to their songs, all centered on their 'reality', and how life is in their city. I tried to show the same with this movie : a real look into the lives of Cochabamba's marginalized youth through the eyes of five kids striving to overcome troubled backgrounds, and express themselves through Hip-Hop music. Special Thanks to Performing Life Founder/Director John Connell, Tiquipaya Wasi Director Susana Gonzales, SIT Co-Director Ismael Saavedra, the kids at Performing Life and Tiquipaya Wasi, and everyone else who helped make this movie possible!


Civic and Community Engagement | Inequality and Stratification | Politics and Social Change | Sociology of Culture

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