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Skidmore College

Publication Date

Fall 2011

Program Name

Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights


In this paper, I intend to first explain the Moroccan concept of hchouma, or shame, and explore how it has evolved from past to present generations. I will then examine Moroccan television by looking at how it, too, has evolved, and what its impact is on various people’s ideas of hchouma. I will demonstrate that there has been a devaluation of the word hchouma over the generations, and will discuss the implications of that devaluation. I will conclude by arguing that although hchouma may hold less importance today than it once did, it is not, as some of my interview subjects predicted, on the verge of extinction from Moroccan culture or vernacular. The primary method used in my research was personal interviews, supplemented by observation and background information obtained from various books and journal articles.


Critical and Cultural Studies | Family, Life Course, and Society | Social Psychology and Interaction