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Endicott College

Publication Date

Fall 2010

Program Name

Spain: Language, Community and Social Change


The following argument is about the highly disputed theme of Immigration. Like all countries around the world, Spain manages a population of foreigners that have turned up in search of a new opportunity. If these migrants are able to enter the European Union, they still face many obstacles, including racism and extreme poverty. Yet, their contributions to a struggling European economy are undeniable. The following paper attempts to highlight these important contributions and demonstrate how in a liberal democratic society, such as Spain’s, a more accepting immigration policy where more sanitary conditions provided to immigrants could work. Furthermore, these arguments are supported by conclusions made through thorough interviews of experts on Spanish immigration. Lastly, the final portion of this hands-on experience is a forty-hour community service project that I took part in at an organization named Caritas. This institute assists immigrants who are trying to integrate into Spanish culture. Caritas provides food, language classes, and paperwork assistance for migrants. Organizations such as Caritas provide undeniable and essential services that impact the world. It was an honor to volunteer my time to help immigrants most in need.


Civic and Community Engagement | Demography, Population, and Ecology | Family, Life Course, and Society | Immigration Law | Inequality and Stratification | Politics and Social Change | Work, Economy and Organizations