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Tulane University

Publication Date

Fall 2010

Program Name

Spain: Language, Community, and Social Change


During the spring of 2010 I volunteered in the Colegio Cristo de la Yedra as an English language tutor. My original plan was to work in a human rights organization, but this fell through and I therefore decided to help students learn English. While volunteering at this school, I taught four English classes every week, with students whose levels ranged from beginner to intermediate. During the first week, one of my students told me that he did not like the football team Barcelona F.C. because he thought it was just a tool of the Catalan government and that it promoted Catalan nationalism and separatism. This made me wonder what the links were between education and citizenship, which I found to be a very relevant subject for Spain due to its history with numerous forms of government over the past 100 years. Therefore, this paper deals with the different types of educational citizenship curriculums, and more specifically, the recent law past that requires a new citizenship course to be taught in all Spanish schools.


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Education