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Morehouse College

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Fall 2007

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Madagascar: Ecology and Conservation


I worked for four weeks at the University of Antananarivo (Ankatso), spending two weeks each in the chemistry and pharmacology laboratories. There I ran a total of eight experiments or “screens” with an alcoholic extract of the medicinal plant Mandravasarotra. This plant is found mainly in northwestern Madagascar, and is often used to stimulate contractions for women having difficulty giving birth. The plant tested positive for three secondary metabolites: tannins, steroids and flavanoids. In the pharmacological tests, the plant exhibited anti-inflammatory properties, and high toxicity in doses exceeding 10ml/kg. Together, conjectures may be made between what is known of the present secondary metabolites, and the physiological effects manifested. More work is necessary to know the exact nature of the classes of chemical compounds found, and their relation to the exhibited physiological manifestations.


Pharmacology, Toxicology and Environmental Health | Plant Sciences


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