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University of Rochester

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Spring 2012

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Kenya: Health and Community Development


Although biogas technology has been in Kenya for over fifty years, it is only recently that the technology has begun to increase in popularity due to a new subsidy program. In this study, twenty-one households with fixed dome biogas digesters were visited and interviews with plant owners were carried out in order to gauge the social and economic impacts of digester use in addition to understand current challenges relating to biogas technology and the future of the industry. Of the homes visited in Kiambu County and Ngong, the greatest impact of using biogas was deemed financial, due to the monthly savings incured on purchased fuel. In addition, families benefit from improvements in plant growth and crop yield through bio-slurry use. The financial benefits are likely greater when switching from liquid petroleum gas (LPG) to biogas as opposed to changing from collected wood to biogas. Moreover, it is likely more difficult for the second group to invest in biogas due to a lack of financial savings following installation, therefore alternative methods of financing are necessary in order for the majority of Kenya's population with zero-grazing livestock to gain access to biogas technology.



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