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Emory University

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Spring 2012

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Vietnam: Culture, Social Change, and Development


This independent study project explores the relationship between overseas Vietnamese and local Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). The primary research methods included surveys, interviews, an experiment, and personal observations. The survey provided general knowledge on what Vietnamese people in HCMC thought about overseas Vietnamese. This survey was given to 200 participants in various locations in District 1, Thu Duc District, and District 9. The interviewees included university students, war veterans, Vietnamese with relatives in a foreign country, Vietnamese who tried leaving but could not, and overseas Vietnamese. The experiment was to see vendors’ treatment of overseas Vietnamese. It was conducted in three different sites with four tests each for a total of twelve tests. Lastly, personal observations have been made in the previous two visits to HCMC and since the beginning of this visit in December 2011. The primary field research data collected can be used to conclude that overseas Vietnamese people are viewed as equals to Vietnamese people in HCMC.


Asian Studies | Civic and Community Engagement | Community-Based Research | Demography, Population, and Ecology | Family, Life Course, and Society | Place and Environment | Social Psychology and Interaction


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