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University of Colorado at Boulder

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Spring 2012

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China: Language, Cultures, and Ethnic Minorities


This is a case study of the guqin that enables the reader to understand the multifaceted history, construction, technique, and ideology behind the instrument. I use my online research of different well-informed sites and scholarly articles as a basis for my research. These different sources allowed me to begin to understand the depth that this ancient zither holds. I quote such sources throughout this essay as they have been written in a very articulated fashion. Through these readings, I was able to interpret my field research regarding the guqin more clearly. My nonstop study of the guqin in this three-week period, with a Confucian scholar (in the old sense of the word), has given me a proper setting to achieve brief understanding of the instrument and the place that it held in ancient society. This essay will enlighten the reader on why the guqin is the most fascinating instrument that society has seen.



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