Publication Date

Fall 2011

Program Name

Nepal: Development and Social Change


The purpose of this Independent Research Project is to study the geology of the Gokyo Ri Trek and record it in the form of a publishable, trailside guidebook. This guidebook will not only enhance trekkers’ academic experience with enjoyable, interesting facts about Gokyo’s geology, but will also inform them of the natural hazards all around. From glacial lakes and high mountain peaks to precarious scree slopes and towering ice falls, the geology of Sagarmatha National Park offers more than just rocks and snow. With these natural, yet highly unpredictable wonders and the tourists they attract also comes the power to severely hinder, or possibly even improve, local livelihoods. A trailside guidebook to the Gokyo Ri Trek with an emphasis on geologic instabilities will offer trekkers a small glimpse at the natural hazards and developmental hindrances Nepalese people face on a day-to-day basis.


Nature and Society Relations | Tourism


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