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Point Loma Nazarene University

Publication Date

Spring 2011

Program Name

Nepal: Development and Social Change


Nepal’s male-dominated society, tradition, and culture have left its female population to experience an undermining of their gender socially, politically, and economically. There are fewer opportunities for women in education and in the labor market. In an effort to encourage equality and decrease levels of the widespread poverty existing among Nepal’s female population, thousands of Fair Trade skills training programs have been established. By teaching simple tasks like weaving, sewing, and dyeing, such programs strive to teach those who would otherwise struggle to sustain themselves to perform tasks that will allow them to earn a living. Research and observation of the Women’s Skill Development Organization in Pokhara revealed that Fair Trade skills training organizations are highly beneficial. Although the skills taught by Fair Trade organizations are nontransferable and often only applicable to the organization providing the training, the tools are provided that allow for self-sustainability, financial independence, and personal empowerment so beneficial that the non-transferability is inconsequential.


Arts and Humanities | Inequality and Stratification | Women's Studies