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Villanova University

Publication Date

Fall 2012

Program Name

Chile: Social, Economic, and Political Transformation


Many reports and measurements show gender equality in Chile is very poor and the country is lagging behind on the world and regional scale. Opportunities as well as the number of women in the work force are few. The inequality is obvious in the gender wage gap in which men earn on average 20 to 30% more than women. Furthermore, in upper level positions the wage gap is even more profound, reaching almost 40%. This report investigates the topic of gender in Chilean society and specifically, the factors that influence the profound wage gap in high level job positions. In order to carry out this study, I conducted four interviews with experts in the topic, compiled reports from national and international organizations along with articles from magazines and newspapers. This work intends to convey a general understanding of the gender situation today in Chile through the analysis of factors that influence the gender wage gap in high level job positions and finally, with a look to the future and where Chile is going in respect to diminishing the wage gap and improving the current situation of gender equality.


Family, Life Course, and Society | Growth and Development | Inequality and Stratification | Women's Studies