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University of Puget Sound

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Fall 2007

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Australia: Sustainability and the Environment


Under the direction of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership (CSL) in downtown Melbourne, VIC, three articles were written for the CSL online manual entitled “How to Change the World”. These articles contain straightforward, easy-to-read answers to questions young people have regarding sustainability and leadership in their community. The three questions include: “Should I register my not-for-profit? If so, how do I?”, “How do I fundraise for my organization? And do I need to register as a Fundraiser?”, and “How to I sell the idea of sustainability (or change in general) to my boss?”.

This online manual will remove the barriers young adults face in creating change by simplifying complex issues and making information readily accessible. Furthermore, the manual will arm these individuals with skills and knowledge for leadership and help them care for the world they will soon inherit.

The following paper details the process of compiling the online articles, the insight gained from doing so, conclusions and reflections, and suggestions for further research.


Politics and Social Change


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