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Gettysburg College

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Fall 2012

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Czech Republic: Arts and Social Change


This study was conducted in order to gain insight into the current political culture of the Czech Republic, through the perspectives of current youth activists. Three seperate interviews were held in order to accomplish this. A representative from The Young Conservatives (Mladi Konzervativci), The Young Social Democrats (Mladi Socialni Demokrate), and European Values (Evropske Hodnoty) were interviewed concerning their opinions regarding the current Czech political environment. Each youth activist was asked questions focusing on how their specific group organizes, how they personally became politically involved their personal reasons for becoming politically involved, and their opinions regarding the Czech current political dynamic. Three topics were consistently discussed within each interview; the lack of civic education, the negative views associated with mainstream Czech political parties, and the image of corruption within society. Their perceptions concerning the upcoming presidential elections and their solutions regarding the current Czech political problems are also explored. While no concrete conclusions are drawn, observations regarding a cycle of political passivity amongst Czech youth are proposed. Through the opinions detailed in this small group of the politically active youth, it is proposed that the current lack of civic education and understanding, the negative views surrounding political parties, and the pervasive image of corruption all fuel a cycle of political passivity amongst Czech youth.


Community-Based Research | Politics and Social Change


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