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Scripps College

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Fall 2012

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Australia: Sustainability and Environmental Action


This paper aims to demonstrate my independent study project internship at the Mullumbimby Community Garden (MCG), an interactive learning site for the citizens of Byron Shire. As an intern I spent 152.5 hours from October 29th to November 23rd planting, planning projects, attending meetings, and helping to educate about the importance of sustainable food production. More specifically, I focused on the development of the Children’s Garden, building vertical garden beds, planting the sensory garden, attending meetings, and helping to design and analyze costs for new structures to be implemented in the near future.

This study reaches further than my experiences in the garden and examines not only the things I learned during the internship, but also the importance of community gardens and children’s gardens on a larger scale. The paper utilizes other studies to outline the history, background, and benefits of community gardens and also examines the importance of a children’s space within these facilities. I also explore ways in which I can apply my new knowledge in project management, progressive farming methods, and creating children’s gardens to help me with the food justice work I plan to undertake upon my return to the United States.

Every day of my internship I collected, recorded, and analyzed participant observations about the Children’s Garden and the MCG as a whole. I conducted three interviews with Jeannette Martin, Georgie Bradley, and Andrea Peterson to give me a better understanding of the history, current activities, and problems inhibiting the growth of the Children’s Garden. The paper draws conclusions about the environmental education, communication practices, commitment, acceptance, and positive reinforcement demonstrated by the members of the MCG and the Children’s Garden Pod using the data I collected throughout my experience.


Agricultural and Resource Economics | Agriculture | Civic and Community Engagement | Community-Based Learning | Family, Life Course, and Society | International and Community Nutrition | Place and Environment


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