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Johns Hopkins University

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Fall 2012

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Switzerland: Global Health and Development Policy


Switzerland is one of the most diverse nations within the OECD and boasts one of the highest net migration rates; it also has one of the highest rated health care systems in the world. Nevertheless, it has been shown that health disparities exist between the Swiss migrant and Swiss national populations: migrants are especially more prone to overweight/obesity, dental health problems, various forms of physical pain, and psychological distress. The purpose of this investigation is to evaluate to what extent certain health conditions are a problem to the immigrant and Swiss national populations. The study also will explore some of the reasons as to why migrants are often at a disadvantage in regards to health and in regards to accessing health care in Switzerland.

Both primary and secondary research was conducted for this investigation. Primary research consisted of providing a brief questionnaire to various experts and stakeholders within Switzerland, whereas secondary research consisted mainly of a literature review of a number of websites, statistics, and especially, several peer-reviewed journal articles. Results from both research approaches were then combined to produce an overall health assessment of migrants living in Switzerland.


Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Family, Life Course, and Society | Health Policy | Inequality and Stratification | International Public Health | Public Health


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