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University of Kansas

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Spring 2013

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South Africa: Community Health and Social Policy


This project will examine the integration of faith in the healing process through interviews to discover emerging themes. These themes will use narratives, secondary sources, and analysis to delve into some of the questions. Caring for the entirety of a patient is an important role of healthcare and examining the role of faith in healing can illuminate another aspect of the doctor-patient relationship. Faith is very personal and I am interested in looking at the different effects that this has on a person in regards to their outlook on healthcare and the role of the healthcare professional. I would like to explore how the Ukukhanya Life Care Centre is integrating faith in the healing process, and the results it has. I will take multiple perspectives into account including the perspectives of those working at Ukukhanya, those attending the Life Care Centre, and medical professionals to obtain a blend of opinions. However, given the time and content I will be speaking with those coming from a Christian perspective and this needs to be noted. I will be using interviews, guided discussions, focus groups, natural conversation, and possibly surveys to collect data. The time constraints and abstract topic will not yield generalizable data, but can be used to further the discussion on spirituality in healing and stimulate discussion of a holistic approach from a primarily Christian perspective.


Medicine and Health Sciences | Religion



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