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George Washington University

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Spring 2013

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Senegal: National Identity and the Arts


The following study is essentially an attempt to explore cross-cultural exchange and the resulting (re)creation of different forms of cultural expression. In its broadest sense it aims to explore the quotidian, cultural sides of globalization. It takes for its focus the re-appropriation of salsa music in Dakar, Senegal. Through interviews and participant observation in a number of salsa venues, I explore the various meanings Senegalese salseros put into salsa music and dance. Senegalese salsa is rooted in a very concrete historical background, while also holding meaning for the present. In short, the appropriation of salsa into the Senegalese context serves as a platform for negotiating local and globalized Senegalese identities.


African Studies | Community-Based Learning | Ethnomusicology | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Sociology of Culture



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