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Connecticut College

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Spring 2013

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Uganda: Development Studies


This project is an exploration with Action Against Hunger (ACF) on gender-based violence and economic empowerment of women in northern Uganda. The two-decade long civil war in northern Uganda has dramatically affected the lives and livelihoods of the population, creating the situation of a basic need for livelihood enhancement. The program that is analyzed utilizes cash transfers for the most vulnerable populations in thirteen sub-counties in the region in order to address the issues of both gender-based violence and lack of reliable economic production. This project realizes the realities of the relationship between gender-based violence and livelihood enhancement and aims to combat the underlying causes.

The intentions of this practicum were to develop an understanding of the work that ACF conducts and the underlying causes of the main issues facing the population in the region.During this practicum period, activities, workshops, meetings and daily workings of the organization were observed. Numerous secondary sources were researched and interviews were carried out amongst both the ACF staff and the beneficiaries of the program.While six weeks is too short of a time to undertake a full, comprehensive understanding and analysis of the success of such a program, it was found according to the practicum, that this program is of great importance and has had meaningful successes; the context of northern Uganda is unique and any program that looks to address the issues facing the communities must also take a unique approach that addresses the underlying issues in order to create sustainable and effective change, which ACF has done.

In the following and concluding year of the “Combating Gender-based Violence and Enhancing Economic Empowerment of women in Northern Uganda through cash transfers” project there are ways in which it can improve in order to best help the communities it works in. This practicum revealed the challenges that the organization faces, and the views of the beneficiaries on such a project.


Family, Life Course, and Society | Gender and Sexuality | Inequality and Stratification | Other Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Women's Studies | Work, Economy and Organizations


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