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Gettysburg College

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Spring 2013

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Indonesia: Arts, Religion, and Social Change


In America, education is very highly valued. America believes that everyone has the right to education. Traditionally, students complete about 12 years of primary education before they continue on to college and then possibly graduate school. However, in Indonesia, specifically Bali, education is not seen as anything that should take priority over any other activity. Now lets shift the focus into a more specific kind of learning: special education. Special education for special needs people is a progressing teaching system that is continuously being developed in both Indonesia and America.

This paper will attempt to assess the special education systems in Bali, Indonesia and Massachusetts, America. By reviewing literary sources, conducting in-depth qualitative interviews, and including many hours of observation, this document with further research previously done on the topic of special education and come up with some new ideas how to better education for special needs individuals.


Disability and Equity in Education | International and Comparative Education | Special Education Administration


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