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Wofford College

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Spring 2013

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Indonesia: Arts, Religion, and Social Change


I first wanted to research orphanages because I love children. I decided to visit three orphanages each of a different religious affiliation. I set out to find 3 non-corrupt orphanages. I decided to first visit Elisama Christian orphanage where I spent a week playing with the children, interviewing the staff, and observing their daily lives. I then visited Tat Twam Asi Hindu orphanage for girls and observed their daily routines as well as their Full Moon celebration. My third visit was to Yappa Muslim Orphanage for boys. During my final week I found that I still had many questions and I wanted to find an orphanage that overlapped all three orphanages. At the last minute I visited Jodie O' Shea orphanage that holds no-affiliation with any one religion. My interview and observations proved to be beneficial.

I chose the topic of religion in orphanages because religion is a part of almost everything in Bali. My project evolved from simply comparing the religion of the orphanages to understanding the facilities, organizations, and daily routines of the staff and children. I was given the opportunity to attend religious events such as the full moon and prayers with the children. I found that although the religion of the four orphanages are very different, the orphanages are still very similar.


Comparative Methodologies and Theories | Family, Life Course, and Society | Inequality and Stratification | Religion | Social Work


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