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University of Colorado At Boulder

Publication Date

Spring 2013

Program Name

Nepal: Development and Social Change


The complicated political, social, and economic landscape of Nepal marks it a country in need of development as a means to improve poor conditions within a culturally and religiously diverse country. NGOs, INGOs, and bilateral agencies have emerged in Nepal in the name of development. It has become increasingly popular to send volunteers into developing areas to meet the goals of organizations. Looking broadly at the volunteer sector in Nepal, there is such a complex nature to development as the needs of communities in which these organizations serve are changing. The various strategies that volunteer organizations use to place their volunteers, to assess local needs, and to approach development vary and range from entirely grassroots efforts to those that are more "top-down". This study attempts to understand the nature of change within Nepal and how volunteer development organizations are changing their training, recruitment, and development strategies as well as how new local organizations are emerging to meet the needs of Nepal and its communities.


Civic and Community Engagement | Service Learning | Sociology of Culture