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St. Michael's College

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Spring 2013

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Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples


Almost 14 years ago Bhutan was officially "hooked up" to the outside world. With access to Internet and television increasing rapidly in the Bhutan new thoughts are entering the country, replacing previous views. The effect of media on the lifestyle and culture of the people of Bhutan is significant due to the speed at which the change occurred.

For my research I split my time between the capital city, Thimphu and Sherubtse College, which is located in the rural village of Kanglung. By conducting interviews with people involved in the media scene of Bhutan and consumers of media, I have begun to look at the changes that have been occurring. What I have pieced together is a collection of shifts in lifestyle and culture, some big and some small. Then at Sherubtse College I spent time working with the media departments, sitting in on classes as well as helping work with students. Doing so allowed me a unique persp0ective of what kind of media education is being delivers and what the future of media in Bhutan will look like.

The goal of this research is to make people think more critically about the way they consume and realizing the impact media has on everyday life. Then opinions I offer are based on interviews conducted and the discussions had with others in Bhutan.


Communication | Communication Technology and New Media | Critical and Cultural Studies | Family, Life Course, and Society | Social Influence and Political Communication


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