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Tufts University

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Spring 2013

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Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples


This paper explores various food-­‐related narratives, including meat production in Kathmandu, organic farming, the separate experiences of American researchers and American missionaries, "haute cuisine" in a luxury hotel, and a nutritional rehabilitation clinic for malnourished children. Accompanying these narratives are my own experiences that are made communicable through making, or watching food being made. The result of these narratives is a growing picture of the various roles food plays within our lives-­‐ generated by what was communicated by the people who source, cook, and eat food, but also infused by my own observations. Included narratives primarily concern food's ability to represent as well as shape both the concrete and abstract aspects of our lives-­‐ this extends from our hopes and desires to our bodies and physical environment. Lastly, my own lived experience, combined with a rapidly modernizing Kathmandu have meant that these narratives attempt to consider the representative quality of food on a global scale.


Agricultural and Resource Economics | Agriculture | Food Processing


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