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Scripps College

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Spring 2013

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Switzerland: Global Health and Development Policy


In September 2000, 189 countries agreed upon striving to reach Millennium Development Goal 5, making great strides to improving maternal health by 2015. The indicators that would prove the goal’s success were determined to be directly correlated to a reduction of three-quarters of Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) from 1990 figures and having Skilled Birth Attendants (SBAs) present at all births by 2015 (United Nations, n.d.-a). Research has proven that while there has been a global trend towards reaching MDG 5, there is a large discrepancy amongst different regions and countries influencing its success. Through the usage of official United Nations documents and reports, peer reviewed journals, and interviews ranging from various UN officials to mother in a developing country, the author was able to recollect the progress and effectiveness of the MDG 5. While many will argue that MDG 5 was the “right step in the right direction,” there is a great amount of progress needed to improve maternal health, beyond the 2015 “due date” (Petra Lantz, 2013).


Maternal and Child Health | Public Health Education and Promotion | Women's Health


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