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University of Vermont

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Spring 2012

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Nepal: Development and Social Change


The purpose of this Independent Research Project is to make a documentary film about the effects modernization has had on the apple farming industry in Lower Mustang since its 1967 introduction. This film focuses on both the influence of Buddhi Ratna Sherchan, the senior horticulturalist who first introduced apples to Mustang, as well as the both positive and negative effects modernization and climate change have had on the region. Findings indicate a general movement towards mass production of apples that utilizes the new road to export high volume production. The heavy hail and rain fall brought about by climate change is having serious effects on the villages south of Marpha while villages to the north are benefiting from warmer temperatures and cultivatable land. From the first seeds, to the current profits coming in from export of apples and other apple products, this documentary film uses apples as a vehicle to tell the story of modernization and climate change in hard-to-access Mustang valley villages.


Agricultural and Resource Economics | Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Place and Environment

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