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University of Puget Sound

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Fall 2013

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Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender


This is an explorative study of how sexual communication and satisfaction act within a Dutch, mixed-sex, monogamous, long-term relationship. This research also analyzes how roles are developed within a dyad based off gender formation and Social Exchange Theory. I conducted interviews with three couples, one sex coach, and one sexologist in order to research my topic. Data was analyzed through common themes found throughout the narratives of the couples in relation to theory. I found that couples directly associate high amounts of sexual communication with a sexually satisfying relationship. The majority of sexual communication between couples is non-verbal, although partners would like to be able to discuss sex verbally more with their partner. Roles in relationships do not necessarily reflect those of stereotypical gender roles. This study is important for those who are researching sexuality, communications, gender, and identity development.


Community-Based Learning | Family, Life Course, and Society | Gender and Sexuality | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social Psychology and Interaction | Sociology of Culture


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