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Gonzaga University

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Fall 2013

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Jordan: Health and Community Development


The present study examines the attitudes and perceptions of students at a private, Jordanian University to examine, through surveys, interviews and a focus group whether the stigma commonly associated with mental health in the Middle East and North African region persists for students and the reasons behind this stigma. It was also investigated what kind of disorders came to mind when asked to name specifics to see if students focused on the illness of psychological disorders when weighing mental health. It was found that the stigma does not necessarily exist for students, though it is perpetuated throughout the community and thus leads to mental health resources being underutilized not only in Jordan, but also within the greater region. When discussing the issues that come to mind, students were fairly evenly split between identifying initially psychological disorders or other mental health illnesses.


Community Health | Family, Life Course, and Society | Mental and Social Health | Public Health | Regional Sociology | Social and Cultural Anthropology

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