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Middlebury College

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Fall 2013

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Vietnam: Culture, Social Change, and Development


Written journalism acts as an important bridge between states and their citizens. The relationship between the written journalism industry and the citizens of a given state is a result of both the respective history of state-society relations and the modern political atmosphere within the state. In the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the written journalism industry is a complex system that derives from a long colonial history and complex political landscape. The Vietnamese Communist Party currently operates the written journalism industry in Vietnam, exercising a monopoly on media authority. The first part of this research traces the historical evolution of the Vietnamese written journalism industry to contextualize analysis of modern Vietnamese written journalism. The following section analyzes the determination of newsworthiness and the derivation of the state government’s central media authority, and the succeeding section examines the ways that the Vietnamese Communist Party’s state government retains control of its media authority. The final section analyzes the major threats to the state’s media authority. Holistically, the research serves to describe and understand the relationship between the Vietnamese state-controlled written journalism industry and the people of Vietnam.


Communication | Journalism Studies | Social Influence and Political Communication


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